Neelima Bajpai

Shakuntalam Telefilms is lead by the creative
excellence of its founder member Ms Neelima
Bajpai. Ms Bajpai, with her dynamic approach,
has lead the company to scale new heights in
offering exclusive and varied quality content for
a wide range of broadcasters. Her involvement
in each project starts from conceptualization
and then working extensively with the
development team to structure the show and to
create the final product.

Her constant supervision, seeing minutest
detail on every running show has made
Shakuntalam’s daily shows to maintain high
rate of average sustenance of nearly 300
episodes per show. It is because of her
relentless efforts and extravagant zeal that
Shakuntalam Telefilms has established its
credibility in the entertainment business.

A writer/director par excellence, Ms Bajpai
comes with an extensive experience in the
entertainment industry as she has been part of
the core creative team of TV18 from 1995 to
2001 and has written and directed shows like
Bhanwar, Haadsa among others. Besides, she
has also proved her mettle by directing other
award-winning shows like Kagar, Crime Patrol,