Bandhan Saat Janamon Ka

Channel: Colors
Run: 21st July 2008 - 26th June 2009
Episodes: 230

Bandhan addresses one of the most common social evils in India- Dowry. Though not in every region, but dowry is still prevalent in many communities in India. Bandhan is the story of a well educated but simple girl Janvi who is married to Parth whom she later discovers to be a servant of the house.

Though Parth is heir to the vast property, but his self esteem has been dampened and made act like a servant by his uncle so that he never has the courage to claim his right. Janvi realizes after marriage that the prime motive of Parth’s family in getting Parth married to her is to gain wealth from the alliance as dowry. Parth’s family uses several tactics and puts pressure on Janvi’s family to part away with the dowry money which even leads to death of Janvi’s father. Bandhan deals with Janvi and Parth’s relationship under various trying conditions and how finally they collectively stand against all odds and emerge victorious.