Shakuntalam Telefilms CSR

Shakuntalam Telefilms with the motto of “giving back to the society” has formed a charitable trust to benefit various underprivileged sections of the society.

As part of the initiative, Shakuntalam Charitable Foundation has joined hands with NGO Smile foundation and is funding a medical program providing day-to-day free medical care for theunderprivileged people in Mumbai.

During the period from June 2013 to Aug 2014, we have been successful in conducting 295 OPDs,treating 19 types of diseases with 13795 beneficiaries out of whom 7058 were female, 4398 were male and 2339 were children.During this period, 886 Lab tests were also carried out. Besides, 545 Information, Education Communication(IEC) sessions were conducted which included community meetings, school health programs and counseling sessions. 7461 beneficiaries were reached under IEC sessions.

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