Banoo Main Teri Dulhann

Channel: Zee TV
Run: 14th Aug 2006 - 28th May 2009
Episodes: 700s

"Dulhan" is the love story of an innocent, illiterate girl Vidya and a mentally challenged young man Sagar. Vidya, on the night of her marriage, comes to know about Sagar’s abnormal mental state of an eight-year old child due to an accident in the past. The story deals with Vidya’s struggle in gaining Sagar’s love and trust and the hurdles that she faces for the same from Sagar’s evil step sister Sindoora.

Sindoora neither wants Sagar to get cured nor to accept Vidya as his wife as either of them would make her ambition of gaining Sagar’s vast fortune and wealth difficult. Vidya finally manages to get Sagar cured and is shocked to see Sagar refusing to recognize her as his wife as he remembers his life only before the accident.

However, Vidya’s relentless efforts finally makes Sagar remember about his association with Vidya and he ultimately accepts her as his wife, much to Sindoora’s disappointment. Sindoora at this point finds no other option but to kill them to get her ambition fulfilled. However, Sagar and Vidya are reborn as Amar and Divya after 21 years and in a turn of events they unite together against Sindoora to take revenge of the injustice done to them in their last birth.