Gunahon Ka Devta

Channel: NDTV Imagine
Run: 20th Sept 2010 - 27th May 2011
Episodes: 182

It is the love story of a simple, bubbly, spirited small town college girl Arpita and young, strong, powerful local bully Avdesh Prasad Singh who gets into marital relationship defying opposition from their families. Brought up in a family where women are not valued, Arpita is filled with adoration for Avdesh when she notices in him a sense of respect for women.

She starts idolizing Avdesh when she sees his strength and power fused with an underlying goodness and humanitarian touch. However, life for Arpita after marriage is not as easy as she had expected as Avdesh’s young widowed bhabhi who is extremely possessive of him and controls him in every way is not in a mood to share him with anyone. Besides, Avdesh’s criminality that once Arpita idolised and hero worshipped now appears abhorrent to her. As a married woman, Arpita starts fearing for her husband’s life. But, Avdesh is so steeped into the world of crime that it is not easy for him to tread the reverse way.