Love Ne Mila Di Jodi

Channel: Star One
Run: 22nd June 2009 - 26th Feb 2010
Episodes: 180

"Love Ne Mila Di Jodi" is the love story of three couples where the three guys are brothers and the three girls are sisters. The daily soap in approximately 180 episodes tells the story of three brothers who come to Mumbai from Manali to avenge the injustice done to their father.

According to their plan, they woo the three daughters of the business woman whom they thought were responsible for their father’s misery. While initially, the three brothers in disguise were faking love with the three daughters of the business woman but eventually they fall in love with the girls and realise that the girl’s mother is not the actual culprit. The show further tells the story of how the couples after various obstacles, confusions and misunderstandings created by evil minded persons living around them finally emerge out successfully and live a happy life thereafter.