Dhoop Mein Thandi Chaav...Maa

Channel: Zee TV
Run: 12th Jan 2009 - 17th April 2009
Episodes: 70

"Maa" tells about the extent that a mother can go to safe guard the interest of her children. "Maa" is about Aparajita, a woman whose life begins and ends with her children, and how she sacrificed herself for their welfare.

Because of the cruel games of destiny and vicious planning of the antagonists, Aparajita falls prey to a harsh and unsustainable web when she marries the best friend/cousin of her late husband only to realize that she has been conned into a situation. However, when she knows that the person whom she has married actually killed her husband; she strikes back with a vengeance in a changed avatar. However, the biggest set-back comes when Aparajita’s own children confronts her.