Me Aajji Aur Sahib

Channel: Imagine TV
Run: 6th Feb 2012 - 19th April 2012
Episodes: 54

It is a unique story which deals with the relationship of a young girl with her grandmother (Aaji) on one end and with her grandmother’s employer (Saheb) on the other. Megha’s world revolves around Aaji who has devoted her entire life for the well being of Megha after the death of her parents; and Megha sees Aaji as her sole motivation in life. However, Megha adores one more person and that is her Aaji’s employer Vishwas Bapat whom they address as Saheb. Vishwa’s warm demeanor and brooding temperament draws Megha’s attention.

A man of strict principles with an underlying human touch makes Vishwas a captivating personality for Megha and she develops feelings for him least bothering about their considerable age difference. However, it’s a one sided affair, as Vishwas lives in well defined boundaries set by himself which does not go beyond performing his work and duty with utmost perfection.