Channel: Zee TV
Run: July 2004 - Feb 2006
Episodes: 359

"Reth" tells the story of struggle of a married woman to get back her lost honour in her husband’s family. Protagonist Jia’s integrity comes under suspicion from members of her husband’s family when she returns home after being kept captive by goons. Ironically, Jia had offered herself to be made captive to save her sister-in-law Arushi being kidnapped by the goons.

The goons had planned to kidnap Arushi to coerce her brother Shekhar, a dare devil journalist, against publishing a story which exposes the true face of white collared people. Jia, who actually deserved accolades from Shekhar’s family members for her selfless act, was on the contrary humiliated, doubted and hurt by the family members including even her husband Shekhar.