Shastri Sisters

Channel: Colors
Run: 21st July 2014 - 8th Aug 2015
Episodes: 329

Based in Delhi, the show tells the story of Narayan Shastri and his four daughters Alka, Devyani, Anushka and Peeya. Shastri ji, a government employee, is transferred to Delhi as a result of which the four sisters have to leave the place, Kanpur, where they were born and brought up. The change of place is like change of world for the four sisters. Though Shastri ji had a very active social life, but he never re married and brought up his daughters on his own as a single parent. As the father was out most of the time, sisters bonded very well.

They fight, make schedules for who will do what in terms of household chores but deep down they are soul connected. They will stand for each other no matter how much acrimony, fights they have had. They become the voice of sanity for each other, each other’s friends, each other’s rival too but the bond never gets shaken - a bond which their husbands are not able to understand but slowly it makes them better human beings towards their own siblings.

The most precious thing for the four sisters in their life is sisterhood; so much that sometimes even their husbands feel neglected- something they will need to correct; but their joy are same, their grief is same. There are little fights, egos, sometimes jealousy creeping in but despite everything they are sisters forever.